Fun Little Toys

12Piece Beach Toys Set Animals Snow Toys Kit Snow Sand Mold


🧁Bundle of Beach Toys:  The Sand Toys Set from Fun Little Toys is the ultimate bundle of beachside entertainment, combining 11 Play Pieces and 1 Travel Bag into one amazing product.  The Play Pieces embody a dazzlingly delightful variety of sand toys: 6 Summertime Sand Molds, 2 SandShaper Tools, 1 Watering Can, 1 Water Wheel, and 1 Beach Bucket.

🧁 A Channel of Creativity: This sunny selection of sandbox toys is comprised of the perfect tools for encouraging Kid Creators in your life – grab that SandShaper Shovel and get to shaping a sandcastle that’s destined to shine bright, drawing the eyes of family, friends, and beachgoers alike!  

The Sand Toys Set is colored with beautiful yellows, sky blues, and sea pinks, inspiring a child’s imagination and captivating their creative curiosity! 🧁Portable and Storable: Kids' beach toys don’t have to be difficult to carry around – that’s why Fun Little Toys made sure to include an incredible Travel Bag alongside this awesome collection.

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