My Drink Bomb

Bomb Squad Drink Bomb For Kids

$28.00 USD

Say Happy Birthday to your little one anytime with our dissolving birthday cake bomb beverage mixers! No reason to only celebrate once a year, buy a dozen and make it a birthday year! Our birthday cake bombs are perfect for children of all ages and made using only premium, natural, and organic ingredients.

This product does not contain alcohol. Makes 1 to 2 drinks depending on the serving size and mixer to cocktail bomb ratio.

How to Use Kids Birthday Cake Drink Bombs

  • Add to your sparkling water or carbonated drink.
  • Watch the dissolving drink bomb disappear into their drink.
  • Stir in ice or blend for a frozen beverage. Enjoy!

Our birthday cake bombs are the perfect premium beverage to celebrate with children of all ages. Enjoy our kids drink bombs to celebrate their special day or achievement. These birthday bombs do not contain alcohol and can be enjoyed as a mocktail.

4 Pack

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