Fun Little Toys

Bubble Machine Automatic Bubble Blower with Bubble Solutions

$10.00 USD
Dino Bubble Buddy: The Dinosaur Roar Bubble Buddy from Fun Little Toys features a roaring motor blowing 1000+ bubbles per minute, 1 bottle of bubble liquid, 1 mixing rod, and 2 packets of bubble concentrate. And don’t forget about that extra adorable baby dinosaur shape. Effortless Bubble Set: This bubble machine includes easy-to-operate technology: simply pour the bubble liquid straight into the mouth of this prehistoric pal, flick on the switch, and watch as the 8 bubble rods spin round-and-round in incredible automatic bubble maker fashion. Jurassic Interactive: The dinosaur bubble toy is fun and interactive for the whole family. Watch in glee as friends of all ages are captivated by the collection of bubbles pouring out the mighty baby dino’s mouth at high rates of speed.

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