Black + Jane

Citrine Gua Sha + Crystal Facial Oil Combo

$54.00 USD
Gua Sha is an ancient technique from Chinese medicine that involves massaging the face in a “scraping” motion to improve your complexion. The theory behind Gua Sha is that it increases blood flow and lymphatic circulation, which may smooth the appearance of wrinkles, brighten complexion, improve skin tone and texture, and firm the skin. Our signature face and body oils uses the simplest all natural ingredients suited for all skin types, perfectly paired with skin benefiting botanical essential oils, fractioned coconut and sunflower oil and sun infused crystals. Citrus + Sweet Orange Rutilated Quartz Hydrating Oil Lavender + Chamomile Amethyst Softening Oil Orange Blossom + Neroli Green Aventurine Soothing Oil Rosemary Mint + Spearmint Labradorite Refreshing Oil Wild Orange + Jasmine Labradorite Moisturizing Oil Wild Rose + Geranium Bronzer Rose Quartz Oil Every combo comes with an instruction card and reusable cotton drawstring bag.

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