Hot Air Balloon Paper Craft Teachable Kit - Uplifting Words

$19.00 USD
Confidently teach life-skills with your child through paper-craft. Your time together ends with a visual reminder of the lesson learned. An easy conversation guide is intertwined within the provided illustrated and written assembly instructions. With this kit, teach about the powerful fuel of affirming words and discover compliments that fill their hearts. Supported by this kit you’re the crafty hero of this moment. Encouraging words and positive thoughts can lift our spirits and boost our confidence. Negative ones can weigh us down. Work with your crafty partner (or yourself 😉) to craft a Hot Air Balloon and be guided through a conversation that will discover compliments that lift your hearts. When assembled the base is sturdy enough to freely stand, or hang the balloon with the provided clip. 26 pre-cut piece a paper kit Stands 10 inch tall Creation time 1- 1.5 hours Suitable for 11+ years of age, younger with adult Printed instructions with conversation guide Glue needed

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