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Kids Golf Toys Set Outdoor Lawn Sport Toy


Mini Golf Marvel: The Mini Play Golf Games from Fun Little Toys provides an all-in-one kids golf set for the ages, featuring 1 Golf Club with 3 Interchangeable Heads: Putter, Right-Handed Driver, and Left-Handed Driver. All coming alongside 15 Golf Balls for Kid Golfers to enjoy.

Driving Development: These kids' golf clubs are going to help develop more than just a little one’s golf game. Sharpen fine motor skills and lay a strong foundation for heightened hand-eye coordination in an enjoyable sporting environment with the Mini Play Golf Games.

Easy Assembly: A toddler golf set should be easy to assemble – and this exciting product provides just that and more. Simply follow along with the illustrated instructions included alongside this mini-golf marvel and you’re set to enjoy an afternoon of sporting action.

Bundle Benefits: This truly is a kids golf package that packs more than meets the eye, featuring incredible pedal release technology that’s effortless to engage for kids

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