Pals Socks

T-Rex & Triceratops Dinosaurs Mismatched Non-Slip Kids Socks: KIDS SMALL

$11.00 USD
This RAWRsome pair of socks is mismatched as T-Rex and Triceratops dinosaurs! These two old fossils keep their DINOmite friendship from going extinct. Let's be Pals! We don't have to match to be besties! DETAILS • Crew-length tube socks for toddlers and kids • Non-Slip Grips for safety • Unisex fit for boys and girls • Designs are woven in (never printed on) • Image quality stays great when these fun socks are worn and stretched! • Super stretchy, comfy socks everyone loves. • Medium-weight, quality thickness • Combed Cotton 76% Polyester 13% Nylon 9% Spandex 2% • A perfect birthday present! • Display Pals hanging up, and they will be the best selling gift in your store!

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